Grey, Yellow and Turquoise

I'm moving to New York in a few weeks and before I start thinking about how I want to decorate my room, I should really focus on where I am going to live!  But, I really want to use grey, turquoise and yellow...They are happy colors!

Have a great weekend!


overgrown crochet circle

Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

I would love to learn how to make this crocheted rug or have someone who knows how to crochet make it for me (hint, hint)!


DIY: Bib necklace


I found this DIY on Martha.   It's definitely has a touch of Anthropologie to it and looks easy to make!


Toting around

I feel like I need a striped tote.  They are perfect for toting around books for school, farmer's market finds, and even a day at the beach.  I love the first and the third ones the most. Your thoughts?


New Beads on Etsy!

mixed bag

A few weeks ago I posted this outfit with a new bracelet I had made.  It's taken me awhile to upload better pictures but here are a few:

I pretty much used all my spare beads...any pearl strands that were half used, any gemstones that I only had a few left of. I love the way it turned out. Simple, elegant, fun and neutral all in one!


ribbon makes everything better

Each of these vases are so simple, but with a little extra effort they are beautiful, creative and eye catching.

Add food coloring...

Doily and twine...

Tape or ribbon...



DIY: Chevron Necklace

I'm slightly loving all the chevron patterns I've been seeing and wanted to translate the pattern into a necklace. It took me some playing around, but I think I've come up with something I'm happy with.

What you'll need:

Ellongated oval beads - I used 12 - Found here
1 focal piece bead- Found here
Chain 24"- 30"
Eyepins (same amount as beads)
pliers - flat, round and needle nose.

First, set up each of your beads.

Make sure that the eye pin is at least 1/4-1/2" longer than the bead.  Put the bead on the eye pin and make a Simple Loop.  To open the loop, using needle nose pliers, grasp where the loop opens and move it towards or away from you.  Never bend the loop back into the "straight" direction to open it. The metal will become weak and break.

Begin attaching the beads to the chain. First determine how long you want the necklace. If its 18" cut two 9" pieces of chain and line them up next to each other with some space in between. Cut a 3" strand of chain and place it between the 9" ones so they are lined up at the bottom.   Attach the eye pin of the first bead to the 9" chain on one side and to the first link of the 3" chain on the other. Now attach the next bead to the 3" chain in the same link as the first bead and the other side to the 9". It should form a line or a v when held up.

Continue working your way down.  I used every other chain link when attaching the turquoise because my beads were on the larger side.

When you are finished with adding your beads you should have some chain links hanging down (picture below). Cut the ones on the outside and leave the middle chain longer one chain link longer. Take your large focal bead or pendant and attach it to the middle chain.

Finished product in action!

P.S. Why do my legs look like Gumby's?

AND...I just noticed this little gem on Anthropologie's website...Look familiar?

Anthropologie's Golden Rule Necklace


Weaved to perfection

So, I may be moving soon! I'm excited and really nervous.  I'll be on a grad school budget, so I've been looking for ways to make a room look amazing while counting my pennies.

This is a quick and fairly inexpensive way to add something special too a simple lamp shade.

How do you think it would look with some pretty lace ribbon??



Pops of color

I'm really loving bright colors these days, especially in jewelry.  Even if you are already wearing a bright coral top, you can still add an aqua or yellow accessory.

Resin and gold link necklace


Nallik Jewelry

via hearty

I absolutely love the raw and rugged stones with the simple and dainty chains.


This is only a sample of the amazing things Nallik creates.  
Check out more at Nallik



Anthro Inspiration - Refined and Rough Neclace

I've actually been working on this awhile.  Wire wrapping takes many hours of sitting at my desk watching hulu and netflix. I finally finished it this morning and am so happy with it!

I was inspired by this Anthropologie necklace:
Refined and Rough - Hewn Neclace

It's 22" of wire wrapped tourmaline with an amethyst stalactite gemstone pendant. 



Carnelian wrap bracelet

This was super easy and quick. Just make a really long strand of what ever beads you like. Wrap it around your wrist till it fits - add a clasp and your done.


Sterling Silver Spacers added to Etsy

These amazing spacers have recently been listed on Etsy. They look as if 3 jump rings have been soldered together and make for a very interesting addition to any necklace or bracelet.

 More details here!