Here is the step by step, in pictures, of the process of making the chevron paintings. The original was one large canvas, instead I used 2 12x12 canvases.

I split the canvas into 4 equal sections.  To start the chevron lines, I measured maybe an inch down the two outer most lines. From there, I used the ruler to find an angle I liked and drew it in to connect the first line and the left edge. Once I had the first point on the left edge of the board, I measured straight across and made a dot on the middle and right most edge of canvas. From there it's connect the dots. I varied the width of the lines, but its easy once you have your starting line.

Taping was actually the most time intensive. First I set up two long stripes diagonally, so they fell inside the first and third diagonal line. This will let you paint over the pencil lines originally drawn in. Taping also has to be done in steps, not every other line can be painted in at once because of the variations in line thickness, and the width of tape. I didn't really have a method here. I outlined as many grey lines as I could - once those were painted and dried, I took the tape off and added tape to the other lines I was not able to get the first time around. Once the two outer columns are finished and dried, you can begin to work on the middle columns. 

All my tape!

Finished product!

Here is the link to the full tutorial over at Studio 5


chevron Print

I started working a painting a few days ago, that was inspired by this canvas:

My canvas pieces are 12 x 12, so I think I may do a series of 2 or 3 smaller ones and keep the color pattern the same.  I've only had time to paint the base white, but I promise to update once I have them outlined and painted.

I started grad school today, so time isn't really in my favor.  Let's hope I stay sane enough to keep up with this blog :)



I know I'm not the only one out there who loves the lamps from Anthropologie, but really doesn't have a few hundred dollars to dish out for them.  The One-Lump-Or-Two lamp has been on my wishlist for what feels like years, with no sight of a sale coming any time soon. The next best thing? Look for a DIY!

Isn't her version so pretty? I actually might like it better then the Anthro version, but that might be because I'm doing my new room in white, gray and yellow.

Here is the entire tutorial - which actually looks pretty do-able.  I'd love to hear if you have recreated this lamp and have any other tips!


I found it!!

Remember my Rhododendron Chandelier post??  WELL, I was on Pinterest (really, what did I do with my time before finding this site?) and found a tutorial on how to make one that looks so similar to the real thing!

Real Thing:

Saucy Glossie's

Here is a link to her page to find out the instructions!


Lace decoupage

Modge Podge is going to become my favorite new craft item! The first time I ever used it was for my tile project below, and since have been searching for different ways to use it. This is my favorite by far!

Aren't these beautiful! I really am a sucker for anything lace.  I'd really like to make a whole drinking glass set out of these, but don't think that's very safe. Maybe I'll just settle for a few vases!

I'm moving tomorrow and have already started a few projects for my room.
Cant wait to share them with you!


Tile Coasters

I was on Pinterest and found a link on how to make these cute coasters:

I really NEVER use coasters, but was feeling a little crafty and wanted to do something easy...And these were easy!

All you need:

tiles (these are slightly bigger than 4x4)
Scrap book paper in 4"x4" sheets
modge podge
a sealing spray
felt circles for the bottom of the tile.

How to:

Cover the tiles with the modge podge and place paper in center. Smooth out the paper then add more modge podge over the paper, covering the tile.  Once dry, spray the tile with a sealant and add felt circles to the bottom of the tile.


Anthropologie Rhododendron Chandelier

How hard do you think it would be to make this chandelier?  It's absolutely beautiful, but at $900 its out of my price range!  I was thinking crinkled coffee filters with some sort of pin in the center? I've been searching online, but no one has posted any ideas yet...any suggestions?


Reason #32 why we should drink wine!

Sorry for my lack of posting!  I am on vacation and in the process of moving, so my life is all over the place and haven't had any time for crafts! I'll get back to it soon!

I thought this was a really cute idea and a great way to use all those left over corks.


Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet Cover


The cirrus Duvet cover from Anthropologie is stunning. On sale, its a steal! BUT, if you want to try to make your own, there is a tutorial here.


Amazonite and Carnelian

There isn't a specific necklace that inspired this piece, but maybe a few. I've seen so many necklaces in stores that have been combining various colors, shapes and sizes of beads, but had nothing similar in my jewelry box.

I knew I wanted to make something with some a few different, larger stones.  I love Amazonite and a warm carnelian together and just added in touches of pink. 

My favorite thing about this necklace is the amazonite teardrop cluster. I use clusters quite often, but usually in repeated patterns. I love the way it looks on its own!

I have some crochet projects to hopefully do this weekend but also some packing, so we'll see which comes first!  

Enjoy your weekend!




I'm going for very simple and inexpensive for my next bedroom.  This set of canvas would retail for over $100, but is very simple to make. Canvas, paint and a little creativity is all you need.



Vases that hang from the wall is a great idea when living in small apartments where table space is limited. I absolutely love flowers and hate empty walls....so here we have a few wall hanging vases.

Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest


A little too obsessed

So I've made one to many wrap bracelets...but I keep on going. This one is sleeping beauty turquoise with labradorite rondelles and peridot gemstones.

I love that it's bright and I surprising don't have any turquoise bracelets,  but I am not sure how much I love the peridot mixed in. Thoughts and opinions?


Grey, Yellow and Turquoise

I'm moving to New York in a few weeks and before I start thinking about how I want to decorate my room, I should really focus on where I am going to live!  But, I really want to use grey, turquoise and yellow...They are happy colors!

Have a great weekend!


overgrown crochet circle

Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

I would love to learn how to make this crocheted rug or have someone who knows how to crochet make it for me (hint, hint)!


DIY: Bib necklace


I found this DIY on Martha.   It's definitely has a touch of Anthropologie to it and looks easy to make!


Toting around

I feel like I need a striped tote.  They are perfect for toting around books for school, farmer's market finds, and even a day at the beach.  I love the first and the third ones the most. Your thoughts?


New Beads on Etsy!

mixed bag

A few weeks ago I posted this outfit with a new bracelet I had made.  It's taken me awhile to upload better pictures but here are a few:

I pretty much used all my spare beads...any pearl strands that were half used, any gemstones that I only had a few left of. I love the way it turned out. Simple, elegant, fun and neutral all in one!


ribbon makes everything better

Each of these vases are so simple, but with a little extra effort they are beautiful, creative and eye catching.

Add food coloring...

Doily and twine...

Tape or ribbon...