Hi! I'm Katie and this blog is about all the things I love...

I've lived in San Francisco, CA for the past 3 years but call New York home. I am so excited to be going back for my Masters in Occupational Therapy this September.  This will be the perfect outlet to relieve stress, or procrastinate...you decide.

I love doing anything creative and hands-on.

I have always made jewelry, but started my own company, Katherine Rae Creations, in 2007.  I sold in small boutiques, online and hosted home parties. I am currently selling beads and supplies online through Etsy and hope to add some jewelry in the upcoming months.

I love baking. I could spend hours looking through a cook book and marking all the tasty treats I want to bake. If I had the will power not to eat every morsel, I would probably bake something new everyday.  Unfortunately, that's far from reality.

I started this blog to share creative ideas and inspire others. 

"Creativity is Contagious" - Albert Einstein 

Hopefully it catches on!