Toiletry Bag Tutorial

The other day, I found a tutorial here, on how to create a makeup bag that looked fairly easy.

I went out and bought some pretty fabric and within an hour I had a new toiletries bag for toting around all my girly products.

What you'll need: 

*a sewing machine - with a zipper foot

*2 different fabrics (one for lining and one for the outer layer) cut into 2 16" x 12" pieces for each fabric. I used outdoor heavy polyester fabrics that were water proof in case there was any spillage.

*16" or longer zipper.  *I used 22", then cut the remaining zipper once it was sewn in.

*pins, scissors or a rolling cutter, cutting mat and ruler.


Take one piece of your outer layer fabric and lay it good side up.  Then lay your zipper good side down  on top of the fabric, lining up the edges. Inner fabric goes on top of that, good side down.  Once the edges of all three pieces are lined up, pin them together.  It will look like this...

The using a zipper foot stitch along the edge of the 3 pieces,  leaving maybe 1/8 to the right on the zipper.

Once they are attached fold the two pieces of fabric back to one side. They wont lie completely flat but that is okay. Lay down the lining, good side up.  Then place the zipper and attached fabric, good side up (top of zipper faces up). Last, place the outer fabric, good side down on top. Pin all three so that edges line up. 

Before you sew the pieces together, check to make sure the outer fabrics are in the correct position.

For the rest of the instruction go here!

Once I bought my fabrics and was looking over the instructions, I realized how similar my fabric choice is to the original! So funny!

I love the finished product - Its big enough to hold full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner, as well as tons of other products! The only thing I would add is a little loop of extra fabric by the zipper so it has something to grab onto when opening and closing.

Finished Measurements:
10" (L)  x 5.5" (W)
5" Deep

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  1. Yeah, this is good one and people after reading find it how to make a toiletry bag easily with using any textile of their choice.