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I started working a painting a few days ago, that was inspired by this canvas:

My canvas pieces are 12 x 12, so I think I may do a series of 2 or 3 smaller ones and keep the color pattern the same.  I've only had time to paint the base white, but I promise to update once I have them outlined and painted.

I started grad school today, so time isn't really in my favor.  Let's hope I stay sane enough to keep up with this blog :)


  1. You should do a tutorial! I'm assuming this involves a lot of lining with a ruler and tape, but I'm sure it's worth all the attention to detail and effort.


  2. Hi Katie! I love your blog... I visit it all the time for creative inspiration! I hope you keep updating throughout your school year.

    If you've got some time, check out my blog and my Etsy shop!


  3. Thanks! I am going to try to keep up! I have a few ideas for a few blog posts - hopefully this weekend I can get them on here!