Here is the step by step, in pictures, of the process of making the chevron paintings. The original was one large canvas, instead I used 2 12x12 canvases.

I split the canvas into 4 equal sections.  To start the chevron lines, I measured maybe an inch down the two outer most lines. From there, I used the ruler to find an angle I liked and drew it in to connect the first line and the left edge. Once I had the first point on the left edge of the board, I measured straight across and made a dot on the middle and right most edge of canvas. From there it's connect the dots. I varied the width of the lines, but its easy once you have your starting line.

Taping was actually the most time intensive. First I set up two long stripes diagonally, so they fell inside the first and third diagonal line. This will let you paint over the pencil lines originally drawn in. Taping also has to be done in steps, not every other line can be painted in at once because of the variations in line thickness, and the width of tape. I didn't really have a method here. I outlined as many grey lines as I could - once those were painted and dried, I took the tape off and added tape to the other lines I was not able to get the first time around. Once the two outer columns are finished and dried, you can begin to work on the middle columns. 

All my tape!

Finished product!

Here is the link to the full tutorial over at Studio 5


  1. Great tutorial! this project turned out really well.


  2. These are great! Where do you think you'll be hanging them?

  3. Love this! What a wallet-friendly way to spruce up the house!