Marbleized Easter Eggs

From Epicurious
 Who doesn't love dying Easter eggs? Who loves eating a dozen hard boiled eggs after?? 1 or 2 ok...but 12? That's just asking for a stomach ache.  So make your stomach happy and remove the yolk out of the egg before dying them. This also allows you the keep the dyed egg shells for as long as you like.

I found these instructions from Epicurious that show us an easy way to remove the yolk from an egg: 

*Leave the eggs in the carton while you pierce them. Place the pin point-down against the top of the egg and lightly tap the pin head with the back of the spoon until it pierces the egg. Insert the wooden skewer into the egg and gently press it down until it pierces the bottom of the egg. 

*Remove the egg from the carton, hold it over the glass, and push the skewer up and down through the contents several times to break the yolk. Remove the skewer and place a straw over the hole. Blow through the straw until the contents of the egg are emptied into the glass. Rinse blown eggs in warm water and dry with a paper towel or let them dry in a clean egg carton. 

*Before decorating, gently wash the inside and outside of the empty eggshells with dishwashing detergent and rinse them. If water remains inside a shell, use a straw to blow it out. Let the eggs dry thoroughly on a rack (see tip, below) or in their carton. 

I love the way the eggs shown above were painted. The marbleized effect is fun and mature...perfect for both kids and their parents.

 Here's what you need:
  • Enamel hobby paints: green, lavender, and purple, or colors of your choice
  • Disposable aluminum roasting pans, one for each color combination
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wooden skewers
  • Blown eggs, as many as desired, clean and dry
  • Coffee filters

1. Decide the color or combinations you want to use—you may use one or more colors of paint for each marbling bath. 

2. For each bath, fill a roasting pan with about 4 inches of water. Put on the rubber gloves. Add about 1 teaspoon of each color paint in the chosen combination. Swirl the end of a skewer through the paint. 

3. Place an egg on the end of a skewer. Swirl it around through the paint and water. When the paint has adhered to the egg in a marbled pattern, remove the egg from the skewer to an egg carton and let it dry.

4. Repeat this process for each egg, using the different color marbleizing baths as you wish. 

5. To dispose of paint responsibly, pour each bath slowly through a coffee filter, letting the water drain down the sink and capturing the paint. Throw away the paint. 

Some other designs I love...

From Martha

More Marbleized from Martha

Whats your favorite way to decorate them??

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