Welcome to Inspire. Design. Create.  I created this blog to share with you inspiration, ideas, instructions or tips on everything creative.

I have always been the crafty type. When I was in Elementary school I got excited over needlepoint Really, needle point?  Remember, I was 10 not 80!  I handmade all my Christmas and Birthday gifts for family (I am sure my dad loved receiving a stuffed bear for Christmas). My Grandmother taught me how to paint in her studio and my mom had an endless supply of crafts in our house to keep me busy.

Jewelry has always been at the center of my creativity. I loved wearing it, but, even more, I loved making it. I would take apart random jewelry I was tired of and reconstructed the pieces into a brand new pair of earrings or a necklace. I taught myself how to work with wire and metal.   Looking online and buying jewelry making magazines were probably my best sources of information and inspiration. 

So expect lots of posts on jewelry with some photography, recipes, fashion and basically all things arts and craftsy sprinkled in.


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