Paper Rosettes from Paper Source

The Paper Source is a great store for everyone, crafter or not. They make professional invitations, have an endless supply of stamping tools, ribbon, cards, papers and all things crafty.

While decorating for New Years Eve last year, my roommates and I came across these directions for creating paper rosettes.  They are relatively simple to make, inexpensive and make for a beautiful decoration.  

What you need
*8 1/2" x 11" blank paper ( I used computer paper)
*1/4" super tape -- You can find this at paper source. If you cant find one, you can use any double sided tape or a glue specifically made for paper. If using the glue, you must account for extra time to dry.
*1/8" hole punch
*Ribbon for hanging

Each Rosette takes 3 sheets of paper to make. 
*Accordion fold each sheet lengthwise at 3/4" intervals.
*Fold in half lengthwise.  Put tape on edge of paper so that when the paper is folded in half the two ends meet, and stick together.  
*Adhere each of the three accordion folded sheets of paper together in this manner so that it forms a circle.
*Punch a hole so that string can be attached.

You can visit Paper Source's site for illustrated pictures and instructions.

We added some glitter to give them a little more sparkle and shine.  Simply water down some glue and paint it onto the edges of the rosette. Then sprinkle the glitter over the rosettes.

We made about 25 in two different sizes and hung them up in our dinning room. It felt like snow flakes falling. We actually didn't take them down until we moved out in October.  I'm pretty sure they would have stayed up even longer!

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