Etsy: Featured Gemstone of the Week

Like I've mentioned before, I am selling quite a few supplies on Etsy. As of right now I just have gemstones up, but have a long list of findings and finished jewelry pieces to add. 

Once a week I will feature one of my favorite items I have listed...And this week is...

Madagascar Carnelian Puff Coins

* Madagascar Carnelian is an orange stone with lighter and darker swirls mixed in. It reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset. It's one of my favorite gemstones - I reach for it most often.

*Can be mixed with red coral for a light and summery piece or with smokey quartz and deep greens for the fall or winter.

*12mm round; puff coin with rounded edges

*lightweight and smooth. 

Check out Etsy here for more pictures and ideas on what to make with this stone!

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