Pinning on Pinterest

When I was younger, I loved cutting inspirational pictures out of a magazine and pin them up to a cork board. In fact, I even decorated those plain old push pins with fun buttons to make my board even more special. These days, I do more blog browsing then magazine reading, but I still find tons of images that I'd love to pin up to my cork board.

In walks Pinterest.  It's this amazing new website that catalogues any and every image you want. Basically a virtual pin board!  It's easy to view other peoples "boards" for images and then pin it to your own.  What's even cooler is that you can pin images from any website and add it to your own board.

Makes organizing fun and blogging so much easier.

I recently pinned these pictures..Follow me - Kate4294


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  1. i've been getting more and more obsessed with pinterest - there's just so much lovely inspiration there (like your picks!)