Stamping: Stationary DIY

Why spend tons of money on ordinary stationary that just about anyone can buy? I love the idea of taking simple and plain cards and envelopes and personalizing them for a specific occasion.  In this case, I wanted to add a little something special to a white envelope.

My love for paper source started with their large collection of stamping supplies.  You can purchase everything you'll need from them!

What you'll need:
*Plain envelopes
*Ink Pad - I used Color Block's 8 pigment wheel in Enchantment
*2 stamps of similar shape and design  (I used: here and here) - Small and Large sizes
*Superfine Clear Embossing Powder
*Heat tool
*Pad or paper for shaking embossing powder over

 After inking the first stamp, press down on corner of envelope so that stamp covers entire corner (even hangs off slightly).
 Ink larger stamp.
 Place larger stamp over the first stamp.  I like to place it above and slightly to the side. 
Once the inking is complete, sprinkle embossing powder over entire stamp. 
 Should look like a small mountain of powder.
Dust off excess embossing powder back into jar. 
 The stamp should like slightly raised and dulled in color with the embossing powder on it.
 In a circular motion, move the heat gun around the stamp so it evenly melts the embossing powder.
 The stamp will begin to look shiny in some areas and powdery in others. Your all done when the entire stamp is shiny and puffed up.
Like this!
 All done!

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