Polka Dot Garland

I was recently looking at BHLDN for the new decorations they added to their website. To my surprise, they were selling this garland of hanging circles...

Which is extremely similar to this garland my roommates and I made for a party last year....

It was really simple to make!  

All you need is:  
String (cut in whatever length you would like)
Paper  - We used glitter paper from Papersource - It was fairly thick so it held up nice.
Something to help you cut circles in different sizes (like this)

After cutting various sizes of circles (make sure each circle has a pair), we took one of the largest circles and put it nice side down on the table.  Make a line of glue down the center where your string will be attached. We then took the start of the string and placed it over the glue (leaving a few inches of string hanging out the top and a lot hanging from the bottom).  Add some more glue to the string and around the outer edges of the circle.  Then place a circle of the same size over the string, nice side facing up.  You are basically sandwiching the string in between the two circles.

Repeat this for each circle. We started with the largest on top and decreased in size as we went down the string...Feel free to get creative with it...there are tons of ways you can do it!

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  1. That would look so pretty hanging against a white wall too! :)

    <3 Belly B