Picking out Clasps

There are tons of choices out there when it comes to clasps. For those of you who love options...this is great, but can be overwhelming for those who dont.

Lobster Clasp - Most basic clasp. Comes in different lengths depending on the size of the piece you are creating. Most basic, blends in with chain.  Harderest to clasp, but most secure.

Figure 8 Clasp:  A more artistic version of the lobster clasp. Works the same, but is prettier with more rounded edges.

S Clasp- The S clasp is relatively easy to put on. It is shaped like a letter S. One side of the S is usually permanently closed shut, while the other end is open to slide a jump ring on and off. Easier to put on, but slightly less secure. Small chance of unclasping and becoming loose.

Hook and Eye:  Very simple design and very easy to put on. Can come undone.  I have found it more sturdy when using heavier beads.

Toggle:  The large hole in the clasp makes this very simple to put on and take off.  But that large hole makes for a very unsecure design -especially in bracelets.  Some designs are more secure then others so test is out first!  Usually available in many different shapes and sizes. 

Sliding Bar:  Great for multi stranded necklaces or bracelets. This clasp is fairly easy to slide on and off, but has a small risk of sliding apart while wearing. Found it less sturdy with heavier pieces.

Box:  Very secure and pretty, but more expensive.  

My favorites are the figure 8 lobster clasp and the hook and eye. What are yours?

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